Interview with Kaos Kutang

hell oi kaos kutang!!! whatz up, who answer this interview?

–    hello there,we are doing very’s me (dimas) who answer this interview,cuz everyone is busy and it’s still 8.00 in the morning.

(wake up in this morning tray to get sunshine , get your ass up hiihih –ed)

your third album was out!  tell me how the proces? are you bath 7 kind of flower? hehehehe

    The process is standard

a..       we collect some money from we have earn & saved

b.      collect some ideas for songs materials

c.       practice a lot,I mean lots of don’t want your band to be sounded like first time  instant band,right ?

d.      record your songs at recording studio,not at photo album studio

e.       during recording,you could copy the cover album at off set

f.        copy cd from master

g.      sell them independently

I think second album better than it? how do u feel, same with me??

)      we really can’t judge our own is your opinion if you like 2nd than others.

 oukay, hmm a bored question, please tell me the history of kaos kutang.

)       If I write down the history of kk,this page won’t be fited..i suggest you to look after to our website

 Outside kaos kutang, are you play on another band?

)      Twice i played with other band as an additional,but I didn’t enjoy it at I’ve decided to play with kk only,cuz we are the crazy four some,ha..

you saw bush was (almost) hit by the shoes,  what will you do if you being

there? do same thing or….

No man..i wouldn’t have done the same thing

back to the band.”kaos kutang”, there’s  any important mean of the name?? )     There is no meaning of why we discovered  kaos kutang as bands name.

and how about your album? how much of copy of each album?

1st album  2000 copies , (sold 1600 copies)

2nd album  1000 copies,  (sold 900 copies)

3rd album   700 copies , ……….

(hey why the number of copies decrease from the old  album to new album.. –ed)

 all of your album was produce by freakchord record (corect me if i’m wrong).. who’s behind

the freakchord recs did one of you owner of it?

 actually i own the record label.


in our city, mm sorry I mean balikpapan,some  biker boy/biker gang was sucks, how about samarinda?

Same old thing bro

 7 years of kaos kutang, it’s long time dude. How did you can exist for 7 years!?

Still not quite long I guess,but we survive, can we exist?’s all about brotherhood my friend..i mean before we started making a band,we were all friends (in a scene) for a long time,we got to know each other characters first,hang out, when we decided making band,we’ve already known who we are,what you like,what you don’t like..and hoping got no serious problems walking the path till now.

 please tell me the great band/zine/lebel etc in samarinda..

)  For bands,I would say joy kill…also vercetti (but they already closed the book)..i have no more further comments for what zines are good,ha..for label I would say freakchord record,because I own it  and you always find good clean sound there,ha..

(hehehe so narcism hehe but I like It dude –ed)

 hmmm as a melodic punk band it’s smiliar to band for join on major label. a few example

like , rocket rockers, endank soekampti,  etc.. are you interset for sign in too? why?

)  No man,we’re not them..but we still give respects to them..just because we’re differents it doesn’t mean that we hate each others..once again man..friendship network is all about.

(agree friendship is all about , but about what???? Ehhehe –ed)

now about piracy. do you agree with it?

Don’t agrre about that..but that’s still ok with that

 how if your album got pirated?

Go ahead man,cause nobody could stop from pirating..there are some advantages and disadvantages of piracy.

 what the forward plan for kaos kutang??

Forward ? right now we’re working on our mini album,still in progress..approximately out on this mei 2009

 If you able to choose, what band do you want to spilt with kaos kutang?

Have no idea man,  many great bands in our head now

 on this new year -2009- what is your hope for kaos kutang , for the scene , for the kids ,

for the police and FOR THE PUNKK!!…:)

We hope the best for all segments of course in their/our own way..

oukay guys, we finish this shit. sorry if my question was boring hehhe. any last word for

salahcetax die hard reader?

Yeah,I would like to say these…

We’re in underground a special case,like example..we always see slogan “support your local band/scene/distro”, but the fact we never really support them,in other way we give a shit about them,see what I mean ? If you really suppor them, buy local band  original cd or cassette (don’t copy their mp3 most of the time),or you buy local band licensed merchandise,or you buy tickets for underground shows instead of buying alcohols, and don’t make fights at show..if you do such things,there you are supporting guy..above are the best way to support scene/band. So how come you support here,support there ? but the fact you don’t do such things above..make fights at show,don’t buy tickets at show,never buy local band original cd’s and licensed merchandise,that sucks man..that’s why underground in here stucked? has never grown up..No wonder our scenes here are very close to death..that’s all n  I want to say,I still hope our scenes/bands get better in the future.We really have to think twice again for what we say about supporting your local scene/band or even distro..because it is not happening for right now.

And for you tom,you really have to work on your grammar man,he..thanks for this’s been an honour,dadah..


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