interview with Mark Unseen (U.S)

hello mark how’s life…?
– all good im on tour in europe now!

you know what. frist time i suggest that you’ll refuse to interview coz you have a big name on punk scene..but i fuckin wrong, you’re a nice guys mark..!! ohya what’s the most thing that you did for spend your time..?
-i spend time by doing band stuff with both unseen an ashers its a lot to keep up with?

can you tell us about all band that you were play for.
-i sing for both the unseen and ashers both are full time bands.

i know with a global threat and unseen, both are great band. but i dont know with asher and self destruct, disorderly conduct. can you describe those band.?
-self destruct was me and scott also from unseen and 2 members of global thrat it was a fun project its over now. disorderly conduct was a oi band i played drums for years ago

ohya you are not a drug user. but you still drunk? did drunk is better than drug?
-ya i dont really do drugs but i drink to have fun (yeah to have fun –ed)

and you are not into organized religion. what it mean? are you also dont believe in god, why?
-i beleve in god but i dont belive in going to church and i dont belive in the bible

and how with d.i.y are you still believe it?
-yes i am very d.i.y. with certain things like plannin shows shirts etc

we talk about unseen, is there any special mean of tha name “unseen”
-no we just thought it sounded cool hahaha

who the most person that write the lyric for unseen ?
– i write almost all the unseen lyrics scott writes the music

song “so sick of you” who’s write it? is that song for describe your sickness to them.! but who’re them?
its about people who think the unseen sold out. i wrote the words.

ohya now you have two active band unseen and asher. how you to divide the time for unseen and asher?
its tough i just have to plan well

you have alot of tattoo on your body. have a favourite one? 
i have no favorite i like them all

mohawk hair. is there any important reason why you use it?
– it shows that i am who i am and not a normal member of society

you live on united state. now bush was change into barack obama, what your opinion with it? do you like obama?
-obama is way better then bush so far we will see how he is in next few years.

okay back to your band.. where’s the longest place that you ever been play?
-we did a 3 month american tour once that was long

do have play in asia? and do you have any plan to tour in indonesia
i want to go to asia as soon as some one offers we will go

hmmm what your definition about “punk”
– punk is doing what you want when you want. its more attitude then music to me

okay mark thanx a lot we’ve done it. any last word for the reader?
-thanks tommy , sorry it took so long, i have been so bizzy

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