Opinion About Myspace For The Punx!

classic stuff, here comes the opinion about myspace @salah cetax #9


Lins and ed : In the beginning we didn’t have a myspace for our band, we only used a website which we didnt update haha, originally we were conflicted with the idea because of it being owned by rupet murdoch we didnt want to put our songs up there knowing that technically he owned them and could use them for any advertising if he wanted too (not like he would anyway but its the principle) until billy bragg brought it to media attention and they backed down and removed the clause in the small print.
we quickly found out that if you dont have a myspace it seems lots of people have become to lazy to actually be arsed to look on a different web site for any information meaning it is very hard to get gigs/get your music heard and your voice heard especially if you are from a small town like we are from, we still get asked “why have you no songs on your myspace?……blah blah blah etc” by lots of people and when we say myspace is owned by one of the biggest media tycoons of this decade nobody seems even aware of this he is roughly 132 nd richest person in the world (lets see all those pictures of people with “keep warm burn the rich” patches on myspace haha)
its is all owned by a man who in the 1980s he formed a close alliance with Margaret Thatcher , and owns the sun “a uk newspaper closely supporting the pro iraq war movement and during the 80s/90s openly promoting homophobic headlines”
punk is supposed to exist outside of this shit…..(vox/guitar state of urgency , England)
EL Vegano :. Myspace is an online media for you or your band to make a connection with many people or bands around the world. And I think it’s cool! (betterday zine editor , Jogjakarta)
Tommy : Mypsace is a website that owned by rupet murdoc.. to make communication to each other! Around , thecity , country , and world but only with the member of myspace.com (salahcetax zine editor , balikpapan)
Adit: myspace is just another alternative communication and activities in modern life with 21st century digital era, but don’t became it as priority. it’s just self entertainment for my own opinion.(new born fire zine edito,jakarta)
Ringo : ms,fs or fb and anything new? , plurk m HI5 twitter…. is claimed as a friendship site , and all of it was on cyber world, i think it’s no problem as long as we use that media just as a “bridge” for us to forward in the real world, but unfortunately , many people are trap on blind imagine in this cyber world and forger the real social realita, (jalur bebas zine editor ,jakarta)
Riyano :I think , myspace is one of social network that dominate by band ( Ramona jelita vox, balikpapan)
Oyi: myspace is FANTASTIC !!! (nerveous breakdown vocalist)
Ken terror : -a cyber space that connects people all around the world (artworker, bandung)
Jun : ummm thts fuckin awasome to had friends band or personal on space…!( dead hitler guitarist , tangerang)
Ahriman Mainyu: Myspace? another common product from the progress of internet technology. Own by Rupet murdoch, a long live capitalist who funding many social crime like palestine invasion. Firstly they focused on the social networking things, who they leave behind years ago after they started to focused on music and released the Myspacemusic. Since that many bands from any genres with a good friend network use Myspace to promote their music. So effectively for them, and it was free for sure.(zine columnis ,bandung)
Helmy : a social networking website that have many ads that make myspace owner more rich, but every tools is weapon if we hold it right,n how to hold it in right way,lets figure out (bootstraps zine editor)
Robbad : Myspace is a social networking connecting people in the world,sure if u have account in myspace hehe..(susah dicari vocalist)
Tremor : u can read it below.(beyond the barbed wire zine editor)
Yosep : i dont realy know about “my space”, but, i know you can make it right…if u like it, just do it boy..(ugly zine editor)
deden: myspace is a media campaign, for some bands and individuals, there are some people who do not like, but I do not care (colonist records)
aldiman : i think .. there’s no problem about myspace just like with other social nertwork.. and if there’s a problem about myspace .. please tell me.. (zine editor)


Lins and ed : Yeah of course we have a myspace page, but our songs are not available there, they are on a friends website with no ownership or smallprint, and only 2 clicks away, we find it so funny that people think its an effort to there to that other site hahaha.
EL Vegano :I use Mysapce, and my bands do. I and my bands use it to spread the message through songs and of course to promote our new albums or EPs.
Tommy: Yeah I’m use that. Why? Because myspace has many positive thing than the negative one! And the frist reason is when I using myspace I can get some new friend! It more easy than to find new friend directly.. if there’s the easy way,why not??
Adit : it’s depend on our function to use it
ringo : yah i’m using fs,ms,and fb , but all of those juat for comunication media , not trap for find many friend for make us feel great on this cyber world, and also not trap into narcism.. hehehe i just want to make friend that live in long place for take easy if they want to know how’s the condition of ringo yah just for it. it same like handphone. nah caused of it i never been seriously on my profile on those site it was a unreal world! , a wolrd where a mass killer can be a ustadz , where a fbi agent can be a punk. real bullshit , smile,touch,laugh ot kiss just vice by smiley symbol, yah imagine about relationship
Riyano :I ever join there , but just in a while , I join just for download free mp3 , and if for communication , I’m not really use as it , coz I’m not band , hehe and one more thing I use it for find sucide firl pic.
Oyi: Because MYspace make my hardwork become easier
Ken terror : -i do use that,it’s one of other tools to communicate with people out there.
Jun : yeah we all used fuckin space, cuz we had to knw many band the fuckin worlds on space!!!
Ahriman Mainyu: Yes, i have an account on MS. But, i think a have some unussual use with myspace. On my account, i don’t tahe my real photo and profile. I don’t add my real friend either. No philosophycal reason for that, i just use MS to appreciate some band who i think have a good good music and sometimes searching for their marchendise. The main reason acctually was i already have an account on Facebook–another social networking–so, i don’t really need Myspace. Simply like that.
Helmy : yeah i used that,if i not use myspace i cant received your questionlist, honestly,first i know tomy n the salah cetax on myspace n friendster,n of course to have many contact n correspondence with all friends all over globe
Robbad : Im use To get friend,information gigs&community,share knowledge and much more..
Tremor : of course im using myspace. i use it to keep in touch with friends (from outside/inside indon) and to meet new friends too. i use myspace like i use an email. but myspace is not the only way to do that, its only one tool among other tools, and not the most significant tool too. but i choose to use it along with my email address in yahoo! and gmail too.
Yosep :-no…coz i don’t wanna know
deden: I use myspace to network distribution activities, companionship and my records, I use this because I think this is quite helpful and effective, we can just switch the mind of sharing information
aldiman : i also have a mysace acount , while write this i check my acount… why i use that?… long time ago.. when i register , i just want to listen much band in this world , from many genre , i just want to find news/info from the band that i like with myspace.. i know some of them have their own website , but if i have 100 favourite band? duh.. how to remember 100 website ya? hehehehehe

Lins and ed : On the other side of the coin I can see why people think its a really useful website..I mean if you cant build websites its a really easy way of uploading your music, pictures, information etc.. without really having to know any, or much HTML.
Its really easy to add your friends and other bands, local and global. And you can put yourself in touch with bands from the otherside of the world, for example, we found Bleeeaarruugghhh! through myspace…but thats not to say that we couldnt of found them on another website..but the truth of the matter is that we did find them through myspace, and we couldnt talk to them in any other way than through the internet..its just too expensive, and of course myspace is so convenient…
Touring with Bleeauuurrggghh was one of the best things we did, but thats because we did the seemingly impossible and travelled to the otherside of the world, left the ‘myspace friendship’ behind and made a real one. We had to work fucking hard for that but…yeah it was amazing.
But how many people do you have on your friends page who you have no idea who they are? How many people live not so far away who you talk to via messeges but have never met? How many bands have added you just for the sake of having over 3000 friends? How many people who have no interest in your band have added you just for the sake of ‘friending’ more people for self promotion…
This is when myspace becomes pointless and a waste of time, to actually check out these profiles and realise they are just wasting your time…
EL Vegano :I think I will see only the positive view here. Cuz for me and my bands, Myspace gives a lot of benefits to make a friendship and connection with many people or bands around the world, and of we also can do a free promotion on Myspace. It could be your new band’s album, your single, or the gigs you made.
Tommy : positive : I can found many band , zine , person that I know/never know before,,
I can do an interview via this site. , I can hear many great band rest of the world , I can contact them all , and got news fast! Also we can make a trade or Buy some band merch. Etc Negative : well all thing have negative and positive and for myspace I think the negative thing is we become lazy to do a direct talking, we must spend some money to pay the bill on internet cafe and also we contribute to make Rupert murdoc be more rich!
Adit : aditya be-es: the positive aspect is just for communication with instant way, the negative is make us lazier to meet people directly.
Ringo: positive : yah we can keep contact with friend that have same idea n hobby that posibble to forward in the real world, and the negative thing ya as i said when we trap in imagine relationship,we’re busy with friend in the cyber world , busy to update our profile and finaly we ne lazy be a parasite in internet , forget that a punk and an adventurer like me must go on the stree feel the ground , hear the noise , meet with friend directly , ohya one’s more… don’t click any comercial ads on those site
Riyano :Wah , I think it have many functiom , it is a social network , so it has many function
Oyi: positive thing is i can do everything with a myspace help and the negative thing is i can’t do everything with myspace hel.. don’t ask me for the detail reason.. cuz i refuse to give more explaination
Ken terror : -it all depends on us..we hold the control about using it..it could be good or bad..it depends on us..you can use it to spread virus or any other good and useful things..
Jun : hmmm…i dont think so, fuck with all them to think is gud or not to used…just wanna what happened to ths world about all music like HC/Punk, Crust,,,etc
Ahriman Mainyu: We? let me ask you ‘we’ who? Personal or Social effect? I don’t really understand what positive and negative really was. Since many things that i told positive become negative for people. So let you interpreted yourself my answer:

Peoples, Bands, Records or anything else, can lines their existensial desire throught Myspace. Not like many that “so-called” political punk said: “Fuck poser, punk is the way of life!”, the existensial things is important for me. Now we live in the alienated world, in the world like this, almost every people become ‘meaningless’ in the society. Do you ever feel alone in the crowded place? that’s what i mean. So with the media like Myspace and another social networking on the web, people run to search and find their lost existence. Thats why Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter became strong and important for modern people.
Helmy : yeah there is,u know internet grass is always greener,so u can find many fake friends,rip off kids in myspace, but still a lots nice friends on there
Robbad : Positive:easy connect to all people without waste time. Negative:sometime easy makes lazy
Tremor : positive thing about myspace, i can meet many people, and wouldnt forget who they are because i can recognize them from their pic and profile. its very useful for senile guy like me (hehe), and very useful too for people who live in south east asia like us, to meet people from other side of this world. the negative. negative thing about myspace is, when people started to treat myspace (or other cyber community spaces) as the only tool to meet people. meeting people for real is more significant.
Yosep :-there is your problem
deden: each case there is usually positive and negative values, but what I think a lot of positive things than negative,

Lins and ed : Yeah of course, if they are producing their own music, opinions etc… its just a shame if we all forget that some amazing things happened throughout the 80’s and 90’s without the help of the internet and social networking. Real flyers, posters, word of mouth, letters, gigs, d.i.y records, actual human contact…
I can imagine a real urgency and need and excitment to show up to gigs to hear a new band that you didnt first hear through myspace…it would be nice 🙂
But of course you are still D.I.Y if you are producing own stuff!!!
EL Vegano :D-I-Y ethic is not that strict I think. I use Myspace without spending money to make a kind of contract with them. I just pay the internet payment as provider-customer every month, and I can control myself to join what is free on internet to be used as a media for spreading some words, and those can be zine, songs, gigs, etc. And D-I-Y ethic doesn’t mean you do everything by yourself. We still need friends and people who want to work with.
Tommy: ahh d.i.y is belong to the person that claim himself as d.i.y and you can’t judge them not d.i.y anymore if he still believe that he still d.i.y
Adit : the important thing that people use D.I.Y ethic or not, just if we worked with no addict with technologies, modernity, image, or something like this trendy cybershit space..hahaa..
Ringo : if about d.i.y or not i think i dont’ve problem with it m you want use ms,fs,fb.. lah you want to contact your connection in yunani if use manual letter it becamoe more expensive and take long time until it arrived? just use ms for comunicaion media , as amedia , but dont trap for live and busy there ,make our technology as our sleve , dont you become a it’s sleve . thanx for question . wassalam
Riyano :Did d.i.y or not have effect if join myspace?? As I know it don’t take effect , and many band that claim d.i.y are register in myspace, and I don’t take care about d.i.y or not
Oyi: yes as long as the member of the band/zine still do it everything with their own myspace.. and not hire anyone to do their shits
Ken terror : is there any law or authority to say that?haha..as i said earlier,it could be a deadly weapon to get connected with people out there,as d.i.y bands,it’s pretty useful to spread our stuff easily by our ownselves because we have the total control of it,not the major label.it makes the networks of friends work well.
Jun : We’re Still D.I.Y for life till now!Space just contact with other bands difference country!hell yeah!
Ahriman Mainyu: D.I.Y, still. Since i often heard from many D.I.Y militia around me who said:”D.I.Y not just about music!”. The main problem is the peope who think that D.I.Y just a punk ethics. So for me, Punk bands, records, zines or the punks itself would be still D.I.Y if they use Myspace, but they do many D.I.Y things like organize their own community or work for their own organic plants garden to their Food not Bombs activity every months.
The Myspace Corporation is NOT D.I.Y, but D.I.Y (and punk hopefully) is NOT just about music, rite?
Helmy : yeah absolutely, u can find a lots D.I.Y militia on myspace:)just maybe soon myspace have D.I.Y categories as well as music categories:D
Robbad :.Still D.I.Y because use myspace as media to get information&be media publishing,D.I.Y that is not process but D.I.Y is result
Tremor : i think there’s no really significant connection between using myspace and being D.I.Y. there’s no different between using myspace and having an email address in yahoo!, for example. same shit. myspace or email address is only one tool that we can use. but there’s no reason to become totally dependent in this cyber stuff too. the point is, to minimalize our dependency. like, if we write a letter, an actual letter, we still need post office too to send it. but, do we have more options? so can i asked, did a punk band, etc etc still D.I.Y when they using post office service?
Yosep :-a lot
deden: context of how they are the D.I.Y thing, many people who claim on the fact of D.I.Y but not, for example, some people claim that the anti-idealism, neo liberalism, but in fact there is a pocket in the nokia mobile phone, what is in the reveal as anti-neoliberalisme,, hahah,, D.I.Y is difficult but not how we or the case is
aldiman : if like that.. we return to punk band , zine , recrod label , personal , if they want to promote fast with mysapace yah it’s okay. if have another way to promote with their own way yahh. just do it with your way!


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