short story of bpp

BALIKPAPAN hc/punk but i love to say balikpapunk…HELL YEAHHH… maybe for you outside here enjoy to call borneo hc/punk you wrong dude borneo is a large island and balikpapan just a piece of it , and also call oil city because there were a lot of oil here but i dont know why we still hard to get it. but it’s okay if you want to call borneo..
the history said punk syndrome came to balikpapan in early 98 but i don’t know when the actual time. and i dont fukkin care about it i’m not believe in history , too many lie on it.. scene hc/punk here is not big like jakarta , malang but we have some great band , graet zine , and great people..hehehe.
once you hear borneo hc/punk your brain must be point to SEPAKxTERJANK
( yeah you’ve know it the almighty trasher from balikpapan
that make influence to next trash band here. diz band also have a tour to java in early years , but know i never here bout SxT anymore mybe vacuum if we dont want tell r.i.p. huhuhuhuh.. next HONESTYxNOTxIMPORTANT ( diz is son of SxT but i think better than Sxt. their’ve make one e.p under cib record (bekasi label). still about HC scene there’re FUXXPOLITECHFUXX diz iz digital hc like atari teenage riot that have some awesome song , check out them at ( next RETRO HARDCORE GANG ( yah diz iz hc band and the memeber of it was play on SxT and HxNxI too..arrghh new band old face hehehe for other hc band we’ve MOxGI (old school hc) , TAHANAN LUAR (hc/skatecore) ,THREEFAST JOKE (trash/jokecore) and there’is a new band named “BLUEAAARGH!!!” what a sick name. they play powerviolence and have a spilt album with state of urgency (united kingdom punk) wew diz iz unussualy being here a balikpapan band spilt with a band from other country
now we go to PUNK scene.. usualy punkers hangout in a “post office” yeah this is graet place on the night with a sweet wind. in fact hc/trash band here were more wellknown to outside boerne than punk/streetpunk band.. but here punk have many army it’s also have a negative and positive thing caused of the large amount of punkers..
oke we start the band from THE RESIDIVS a band that play crust punk like the antiphaty , the idiots etc.they’ve 10 song but i dunno why they didnt have any album yet. check their song at( RIGAT ( diz iz oi streetpunk like begundal lowokwaru yah diz band was specialy for the hooligan. oi .oi.. next URBAN CHAOS ( hmmm. they were youth drunk punk , at the past they play punk rock like bunga hitam , marjinal but follow the revolution on the member their sound change to crust punk like.. mmm like the residivis.. next GROW UP a singalongable punk rock band that have their own song to be used on the gig and the others band there’re THE GRIMESS ska punk that often cover the transplants while show on the gig ,ANTI TEROR (punk rock),panic rock n roll (rock n roll) ,RAMONA JELITA (punk rock) DANCING SKA PARTY (FREEDOM VOICES (crust punk) ,BEERBONG (punk rock like bad religion) , TELOR BUMBU (melodic punk) and here some band from first movement yeah the almighty TOTAL BEJAT , KOPLAK CHAOS , DOG DAY ,GRENDELand that make inluence to the next punk band here..
a little news from our neighboor city “samarinda” they have two great melodic band named KAOS KUTANG , sound like nofx,antiflag,rancid,etc and they have make 2 damn great album , next VERCETTI thiz band sound like kaos kutang too and they have one album under FREAKCHORD RECORD
for record label here does’nt good.. we just have rut devil recort that have one compilation called “wujud nyata” but it just a few copy and now the label was stag. and the second there was BANDIT that release sepak terjank. bandit also as a distro that sell punk/hc/metal stuff that still exist up to now. for lapak it have 3-5 place and a sample is in front of sman 1 that called “lapak anjink liar” and on the trotoar of klandasan. yeah viva la lapak.
how about the gig?? some gig that i remember..:balikpapan totalpunk I ,II , a tribute to sex pistols , balikpapan berontak , budeg fest I,II,III,IV,V (punk/metal/hc/melodic gig),holiday in the sun(samarinda) and some studio gig & street gig
now about the zine yeeah there’re some zine like :1. MIRROR diz zine is about youth culture made by anto/donny bulldog , 2. TRASHxMEDIA here a hc/punk fanzine made by deni , 3 COLECTERAL VOICES diz is hc/punk fanzine too but i forget who made it coz. diz zine was bought by my friendshit a long long time ago. 4 ME AND MY FRIENDS diz zine made by dwin bandit. i don’t know well how is it coz i never read, diz iz an old zine but i’ve read the rivew of it, and he say it’s a semi personal hc/punk 5. GERAK!! a political zine made by smrk (serikat rakyat miskin kota) and papernas bpp 6.SALAHCETAX yeaah diz iz a zine for all punk/hc/skin/hooligan/… yeah you named it. diz zine up to september 08 have 7 issue yah largest number for balikpapan zine diz zine made by tommy , and (
okay brother/sistar that’s enough from me.. it just a litle piece of balikpapan and maybe many thing was miss and unwritten and if you want know more just come to diz city i’ll wait you dude. wassalam…


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