interview with bleuaarrgh!! on next salahcetax #9


hell oi bleuaaarrgh!!!.. !are you ready to pop!
hello tom, dandy here answered. so its not all of us. mine only. maybe gege and deny have another answers. i dunno. ok lets go.

bleuaaarrgh damn it’s hard to write dude! why you use this name?
i know that fuckin hard to say and to be writen down. many friends groan about this. first, deny invited me to join this band as vocalist. and he got the name of band from legendary slap a ham record compilation named Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!. you have to check this stuff. its awesome. many bands play some powerviolence, hardcore, fastcore, thrash, hc/punk, crust, grindcore. and we want to play something like that….some faster and louder.

oh! you’ve been tour in java ,please tell me shirt story of it?
yeah we got full of fun yesterday. the important thing is all of us like travelling.
you know its so amazing when you get yourself in unpredictable places and conditions. found some new experience, meet new people, get new friends, see beautiful views. we did a diy split album project with State of Urgency from Ipswich, UK on
2007 after we contacted each other through and we have an idea “hey dude how about split tour….sounds great….is it?”. and we agree for do indonesia tour on february 2009 as all of us get holiday. so….i planned it and started to contact some friends on java to make it real. so we did 11 gigs in different cities around java and east borneo. so simple as like that.

ohya please tell me the history of your spilt album with state of urgency! how can it made?
we contacted each other through together we believe on diy ethics. and we prove that with diy way, we can have possibilities on many things, anything. so we did this split. no borders no inferior-superior limit. we can do anything with anyone with any backgrounds as we want to do it with.

most of your song is sound so anarcho! are you an anarchist?
what song? anarchist? maybe yes maybe no. i have no idea about how an anarchist should be. im not an missionary. yes im, if the anarchist is ‘anti-civilization’ (religion, country, capitalism, cop, soldier, modern life, etc) and no im not, if the anarchist is “should be dumpster-diver, an atheist,
jobless/anti-work, squatter, punk”, i mean it sound so suck when to be an anarchist you should did some obligations. sometimes, something could not be assosiated on other places. for example in europe you can dumpster-diving but in indonesia all foods in dustbin were rotten, you cant eat it anymore.
sometimes for tactical-reason we perforce do some compromise.
so nevermind, i never labeling myself an anarchist. label is not the point. the most important is what i do in my life, and you can guess who im then.

i want to ask with your song named “goat for god” are you refuse one of religion ceremony? and why . in my personal opinion i dont agree with this song coz that goat is for share to the people not for god! from the people to the people.
im anti-religion (not spiritual). ok i will explain u about it later, but not here, it needs long exlpaination then.
ok, iedul-adha? it has two approaches : spiritual and religion (mass opinion).
spiritual- the goal of iedul-adha is making people to realizing that no one should being starve, to bring back the the fuction of foods, is only to eat not for: class/caste image, social status, to acummulate capital.
religion (mass opinion)- the goal is share from rich people to poor people. so not like you say “from the people to the people”. the meaning is religion involved to make class-society still exist. the rich people dont care about starving, they only care on god-bless for heaven reward imagine. (that the way the song title from). wanna deny it? so why sharing for only 1 day. hey…just wake up…everyday thousands died because of starving effected from the system which be built on
class-society. fuck that. fuck religion.

did some of you vegetarian?
im vegetarian. deny not. gege is vegan.

and for the song “shoplifter of the world unite” i agree man! but did it can called as “a counter to capitalism”, i think so!. how with you?
we write the song from shoplift the article in yeah sometimes in any posibility, we do shoplifting. we get joyful to do its. its more like our expression to fight back capitalism directly. the labours produces all of company’s products, not the boss. all corporations have stolen their labour’s work-values. marx called it as surplus value. its mecanism of capitalism, to purchase more profit. and then who is the truly thief? we do shoplift to get back our surplus value which stolen from all our daily works.

“It is a refusal to accept the capitalist system, in which workers have to buy back the products of their own labor at a profit to the owners of capital, who thus get them coming and going”
“Shoplifting is the most effective protest against all these objectionable attributes of modern corporations because it is not merely theoretical—it is practical, it involves action”
“….since so many workers are paid set wages (minimum wage, for example) that depend more on how little the corporation can get away with paying rather than on how much profit it is making, the shoplifter is not really hurting most of the workforce at any given company either”

outside on bleuaaarrgh!!! what are you doing man?
im working. so bored daily life.
i involved in anti-neoliberalism campaign collective.

ohya , did zine important for the scene? in balikpapan (in my survey) ,most of people(6 of 10) are not interst to read.
yeah surely zine is important, but not only for scene. we can share anything to the others, not only music issues. i like to reading anything.

if we want to share our opinion where’s the best media , zine or band?
i dunno, just do your own way. but i think zine is more effective to share opinion than band. you can put some analysis and some reasons to discuss a discourse on an article. in a song (band) you can talk a discouse or a theme but sometimes the song is too metafor style on it’s lyric. and someone maybe dont understand what you taking about. you know, mis-interpretation. like u did on “goat for god”….hahahaha

next month there’re an eceltion , that the people said as “democracy party” ah. what your opinion with election
im an anti-state, anti-country, anti-government. yeah it because state/country/government is exist to protect capitalism. capitalist creates them. so should i still got to the election? fuck no.

will you come to choose your president candidate
no thanks


now we go to the palestine. what your seriously opinion between the war of israel and palestine
i think it was caused of war for territory. it began for thousands years ago. this shitty holy land was claimed both muslim (palestine) and jew (israel) as the land promised from god. the main problem is from dogma of religion. each religion
claimed the land is for only their own community. today we know about zionism, which racist ideology to reclaim their lost holy land (as their belief) from palestine. zionist want to build a jew nation. zionism will do anything to realize their dream, even if necessary do mass killing/genocide as today. yeah that’s the way religion. full of blood and hatred.

ohya it like you say on last time ago. that many people become hate of the jew although we know not all of jew are asshole! can you complete those statement! it’s for me and the reader understand!
as our conversation. that’s the exlaination. definetely, when you look at gaza today, most of people being reaktionary. they forget about the main problem. most moslems being hate to all jews, and vice versa. i know again it caused of dogma of religion. the religious always look the others as nasty. they are enslaved with imagination than look the fact on something. its more like a racism symptom. and its so dangerous. the war will not to be stopped when we always look this war as a religion war.

racism! you dont like racism right! and what you think with a punk band with their racism song or attitude
nazi punk fuck off. i ask you, when you was born, did you ever choose to what you born born as? me and you never choose as indonesia, right? so do we still look an asshole from his/her race. an asshole can be anyone. can be from anybackground, anu culture, any religion, any community, etc.

mmmm. what you think with world right now? is it okay?
the answer needs a long answer. its not a simple question i answered. ok make it shortly here, i think the world condition is not ok. look around you, there were poverty, starvation until mega rich man with their war crisis. dont u feel something wrong with this?

and you have your dream world!?
yeah i still have my own dreams. i want to travel around the world. i want to see iceland music festival. i want to stop as daily worker. i want see a better world. so many dreams……hahahahaha

war , genocide ,kill kill kill never stop man! you think who’s the trouble maker?
i can’t judge anyone. in generally it cause of the system. civilization (religion, state/nation, government, nationalism, chauvinism, etc) is the main problem of all trouble. for helping this answer you can also read unabomber manifesto and
all john zerzan’s books.

back to your band , what the next plan for bleuaaarrgh!!!
i dont know. maybe in near may 2009 we will record some new songs. do some gigs maybe, i donk know. the future is unwritten.

i hear you want to take tour on australly right? , is that true? if it really done its the real fact that d.i.y networking are strong! just like band from outside indonesia that take tour to indonesia. mmm and the question is did d.i.y can exist for 5-10 years later, if look around us most of gig’s pamflet we can see a lot of sponsor
i dont know i think it could be fun if we do some overseas tour. i dont know what happent in 5-10 years later. i have no idea. and i dont care to scene existence. i meant when scene was be more like a full of hedon consume, i will leave it, its not my place i comportable inseide. i just care to join any
collective to counter the system. if musical colective (scene) be stagnant and pasive, surely maybe i can involved to other collective which focus to fight back system. about sponsorship. first, we see who the sponsor? are they a corporation or otonom alternative economy? fuck to corporation sponsorship, they will never care on your scene, they just care how to make money. they try to suck u. they are a liar. they are a leech.

i’ve see one gig which the sponsor is much than the band that play hehee what will you say man?
who sponsor? no need to explain it anymore.

ohya did bleuaaarrgh anti with gig that have sponsor on it? why?
who sponsor? food not bombs or coca-cola? we will play on the gigs with food not bombs support than coca-cola. i have explained the reason.

balikpapan scene! is it nice for you?
what scene do you mean? backyard invasion……yeah i join in it a small scene and share lot of funs with the kids. i dont know the other scene exactly. there’re some racist-punk with nazi symbols patch on the gigs….and this is a shity. they told
me if they hate a chinese migran. fuck that.

and what’s the positive thing and negative in our green clean and healthy chity scene?
its a government program. dont ever trust them at all. government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem. they always try to deceive the people. i think if you want a green world, lets make it by ourselfs. dont wait
from the other, especially government. they care to their own image, they are not seriously with the green. as example they set free the poor land to make a green garden city. fuck that. is it more important to make garden than remove the poor? for what? for grace of our city. fuck that. see for further they did it to make capitalism more exist. do you ever removal of a mall/supermarket? i am not sure.

oukay last question which one do you like , kangen band , the exploited or superman is dead!
none of them. personally i like to hear jazz, thrash/crust/grind, ambient. o yeah recently i ussualy hear sigur ros.

thanx for answering , please add last comment to this zine and for salah cetax die hard reader
thank u tommy for having us. good zine. i mean yeah make your own zine. i hope we can talk each other directly someday. you may come to my house. it will be more fun than we talk on this zine. directly contact is better. see u later.l_ac068860bc1af5ce7c69a1576ecfe796



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