Jalurbebas #13/ choking hazard #8

Jalurbebas #13/ choking hazard #8
Yeahh.. this is a damn spilt from ringo (jalur bebas zine) and gendhut (choking hazard zine) but on the cover it’s written as jalur hazard/choking bebas yeah it doesn’t have a big role hehe but it’s fun of course and the bad thing is this zine divided by 2 part with different so if we finish read the one part we must rotate it .huh :P… yeah ringo open the choking bebas editorial l but on this side the review was reviewed by gendhut and so jalur hazard! Here there’s an interview with nerveous breakdown .nice and unbored interview .. profile band: sintax crust punk band that influenced by total chaos , disrupt etc.many kickass column and article. ohya there’s one thing that make me a little surprise. Yeah a review of kangen band! Hahaah you must be know about this band hehehe.. come’on go get this..


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