Hellbombs / hellexist

HELL… yeah this is the best spilt that I’m ever have.. yeah hellbombs/hellexist come with 7 “ cover. Ah no when I use a ruler it’s point 6” not 7” loh why must I discuss it? .hehe. ok this cd is include a poster of a nice artwork.. yeah not longer after got it. This poster’ve been post in my wall.. yah both of them use d-beat rawpunk as their music and of course war lyric ‘s served well here.. I like the frist song of hellbombs it’s called intro(police sick)..it shout “anjenk smua polisii!!!..with anger tone yeahh.. very nice but unfortunately just 6 song served here.. ohh man!!.. oh ya this spilt was released by broken noise recs!..


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