Bunpai suru #1

Kediri is on fire.. another zine was born from Kediri . yeah it’s a gril editor that make it. Yeah look clearly by the cover that it’s made by the gurl!! Hehe. Bunpai suru hmm ab foreign name yah! Frist time I look it , I’m become lazy to read .. why yeah that name! and the cover support it too. Haha but I change my mind after I open and see one by one yeah there’re some kickass article on it. Frist “shoplifting” an article that teach you how to do a shoplifting also there’s the risk too. ,next cool article “mencari ilmu atau hanya sekedar mencari formaliats (searching sciene or just search formality) “ yap this artikel was tell you about the fool policy of the damn school.. anad last “unholy grace” yeah the coolest thing of this zine is belong to this article yep “unholy grace” it’s written by helmy . and the interesting point is that on his journey he was asked by is friend and sound like “wah a hc/punk kids going to masjid” what’s wrong with it dude. I agree with him , do punker not able to pry? Maybe the atheis is say “yeah you don’t need” but I’m not!! Punk is the second way of life after religion!! Huh…. Hmm and diz zine es end by thanxlist . oh no im forget. There’s a opinion about sxe that was answered by Indonesian sxe celebrity eheheh


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