Bootsraps #2

Wow.. just for a shor time here come again the next issue. Yeah I understand it spirit of new thing.. yeah I done it to.. frist time Idone salahcetax zine #1 I try to make the next issue as soon as possible yeah but finaly I’m tired and little bored too.. hmm I hope it’s not be in bootstraps!! Keep your spirit on! Don’t be like my zine.. just hot on the frist! Hehehe.. okay this issue come with better cover than before. Yeah a skin , punk , and hc kids are stand together while read a book. Nice.if it’s better if printed on thsirt hehe. Ok here the interview are more much then before yah 5 band : dis disa ny ,kenji , almost brother , proletar, total banxat and a tour diary Kediri-jakarta-bekasi .. ahh nice!! And also gig reports , article ,audio n zine review. And dis zine was end by the editorial

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